How is Technology Shaping Traditional Book Publishing?

As we grow ever more accustomed to a digital way of life, so too have publishers found new ways to incorporate technology into traditional print. In fact, as once feared digital trends aren’t devaluing paper-based books and print, they are helping authors and publishers to engage with the wider modern-day readers and a new digitally attuned generation.

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We first saw the impact of technological trends on the book industry during our trip to The Bologna Children’s Book Fair earlier this year. Augmented Reality books were a significant feature at the show, allowing traditional print to merge with technology to create a heightened sensory experience and enjoyment for children.

Augmented Reality books – a growing trend

AR books are physical books that use apps or other technological devices to show readers exclusive and exciting visual elements. AR books make for a brilliant way to re-engage readers with traditional print whilst taking advantage of the latest in digital.

Early adoption of AR book experiences includes Sony’s Wonderbook™: Book of Spells, a Harry Potter based AR book released in 2012 for PlayStation 3. The book was combined with a game, using the PlayStation Move Motion Controller and Eye Camera to enable readers to cast spells as they read through the pages.

Interactive and AR features are increasingly displayed in children’s books, which work alone as readable stories but bring events and images to life with apps and smartphones. Penguin also released AR versions of classic novels, including Great Expectations and Moby Dick. Running a particular app readers can reveal virtual book covers for their favourite stories in a wonderfully hybrid experience.

And it’s not just fictional pieces that are applying technology to enhance their print – non-fictional AR books are growing in prominence and going beyond gamification to inspire the digital generation with print.

Books just got a little more interactive

YouTuber Alfie Deyes recently published Scrapbook of My Life, a book aimed at his millions of subscribers, with interactive scannable pages showing clips from his popular videos. Scrapbook of My Life was published by Blink Publishing, (part of the Bonnier Publishing Group) a company at the forefront of using this new technology to captivate readers.

We think that hybrid books are definitely a product to look out for in the publishing sector, since they offer such a unique and memorable reading experience for the wider market. Although the introduction of digital publications and e-readers sparked a consensus of the ‘death of print’, these very new advances in technology and media can actually bring far more young readers into the market. Ultimately AR and interactive technology has allowed traditional print to be conveniently accessed through the devices more and more instrumental to our daily lives.

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