Increasing Your Exposure: Experts in Book Distribution

Increasing Your Exposure: Experts in Book Distribution

You may have a winning product, however getting the reach your book or print deserves can be a difficult feat.

Successful distribution of your published work is a vital aspect of the production cycle, allowing it to be purchased, read and shared by customers near and far. At RMH Logistics we’re dedicated to helping publishers get their consignments where they need to be and when, with efficient, effective and reliable book logistics and distribution services.

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Tailored logistical solutions for publishers and printers

With over 20 years’ experience in logistics we understand the challenges and costs associated with storage, packaging, shipping and distribution in the publishing sector. We’re on hand to help small independent publishers and large-scale publishing companies, who may not have the resources, contacts or time to exact an effective book distribution strategy themselves or in-house.

Our experienced team can provide you with a customised logistical solution to increase your exposure and drive the best results from your works:

  • We work with an extensive global network of partners which we have built up over the years. As such we can effectively distribute your books and print on an international scale.
  • We specialise in rail, road, sea and air freight services, giving you more options and flexibility. We’ll work with you and will be able to advise you on the most suitable shipping distribution strategy – for a free, no obligation quote you can fill in our online quote request.
  • By shipping with us you can grow your audiences and influence in the market, whether you’re looking to increase sales, awareness and reputation or be seen by larger retailers.
  • We understand the needs of publishers and know the industry well. We’re always eager to keep up to date with the latest news and trends, and can quickly adapt to the changing market.
  • Don’t worry, your consignments will be safe in our hands, we’ll ensure that your books arrive at their destination quickly and in pristine condition.

If you want to outsource your book logistic requirements to reach new and promising markets, we’d be happy to help you find a reliable, bespoke solution that can meet your demands. To find out more about the range of book shipping and distribution services we can offer publishers and printers, please call us on (0)1277 356218, or email