RMH Logistics is pleased to announce a new member of the team!

Based in China, Jing will be starting as our China Representative as of the 1st of September. She will be liaising closely with our existing Chinese customers, and also growing our client base in The Far East.

Jing is fluent in four languages and has a strong commercial background, making her an ideal point of contact for publishers looking for reliable manufacturing and printing in China. She is looking forward to her new role, and we are very excited about this new development for RMH Logistics!

Cost-effective printing overseas for publishers

Through our global network we help publishers to reduce their printing, shipping and distribution costs whilst ensuring quality finished products. China is an optimal choice for publishers looking for cheaper printing solutions, since it hosts a massive print industry with a reputation for high-quality book and cover finishes.

With Jing becoming a dedicated member of the team, we’ll be able to ensure competitive prices, and that communications run smoothly for any publisher projects in China and the Far East. If you’re looking to reduce your publishing costs by printing in Asia, our UK team and Jing will coordinate to ensure that all your requirements are met and that your products are delivered to the best standard.

To contact Jing about any of your publishing requests, please email:  XueJing@rmhlogistics.com