BREXIT – Your Shipments

Over recent years due to cost savings that can be made, more and more freight destined for mainland Europe has been shipped to Felixstowe. This will then be trucked to its destination country, especially where the purchaser is UK registered.

Whilst it would be beneficial to all but European ports for this situation to continue, it seems less and less likely that it will with the huge level of uncertainty surrounding Brexit.



Rest assured that through our network of international partners will be able to handle your co-edition business if we have to ship to mainland European ports.

Over the last 4 months RMH have delivered goods to 10 EU countries via Felixstowe.

This list includes places such as France, Holland and Estonia. We would have little difficulty doing this with alternative ports and whilst it may have some cost implications, we will do all we can to keep these to a minimum.



Distribution to warehouses in mainland Europe can be made through a mixture of: Road, Rail and inland waterways.

RMH will use whatever transport is most cost effective to your end destination.


To find out more about the range of shipping and distribution services we can offer publishers, printers and packagers, please call us on (0)1277 356218, or email